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All the Cottages, Deluxe Rooms and Super-Deluxe Rooms are well equipped with all the amenities and facilities like, Air Conditioner, Television, Preloaded Minibar, and interior matching with its name The suites are decorated with taste of Rajasthan artwork in contrast to sober transparent fabrics with shiny wooden floorings which provide a cosy atmosphere enhancing the palace’s charm.

On the other hand, Deluxe Rooms are traditionally decorated with classic piece of furniture and provide an array of quality amenities. With garden view from the palace’s top, the garden view reflects the old-world charm.

Those who want to get relaxed and de-stress themselves in the most positive way and get rid from their mundane work schedule, visiting an exciting tourist place as well as staying in a Heritage Hotel could be the best remedy ever!

The Royal Grandeur along with contemporary facilities and amenities makes these Heritage accommodations even extra special to entice the tourists from India as well as from foreign countries. This also enhances the beauty of ancient history and at the same time gives a flashback to their eras.

In Total the Property offers 33 DBL Rooms/15 Twin Rooms and One Especially Abled Room.